I create bespoke sessions crafted to support you into a deeper experience of intimacy with yourself and others, and to empower you to integrate and express your authenticity, cultivate your vitality and participate in healthy community.


The approximate arc of the sessions include: Personal history & meta-myth, boundaries & consent, trauma release & integration, sensual awakening, shadow exploration & integration, erotic alchemy. Sessions usually include elements of talk therapy, mindfulness, exercises, bodywork and integration time. Home practice is usually offered for between sessions.

Primary Intake session: £120 / 90 mins + full analysis and report. Online or Face to Face. Includes case history, feedback and the steps ahead.

Remote Sessions (Online): £100 / hr

£240 / 2 hours. (£120/hr)
£360 / 3 hours. (£120/hr)
Location 3 mins walk from Elephant & Castle tube.

Call out fee: £100 / session; London zones 1-3


Deepen your emotional intimacy & sexual polarity:
Equally powerful for new couples or those in long term relationships. Safe, structured and life changing, this pair of sessions are composed of tantric, neo-tantric, taoist and western sexological practices including breathwork, talk, touch, massage, reflections and intimacy games. Couples are left with a clear understanding of how to continue these practices at home to build deeper intimacy, pleasure and connection for years to come.

Session 1: 2 hours / £240 – Building solid foundations.
Session 2: 3 hours / £360 – Superpowered intimacy.
Location 3 mins walk from Elephant & Castle tube.

Bespoke: £240 / 2 hrs

Remote Sessions (Online): £100 / hr

Call out fee: £100 / session; London zones 1-3

A commitment to a minimum of 15 minutes a day self-practice during a coaching cycle will increase the effectiveness of the work manyfold, though you will notice the greatest benefit from at least 30 minutes of daily practice.

Please contact me to discuss your requirements or ask any questions.


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